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Paragon partners with PGL for exclusive Russian language broadcast

Paragon Events and Winline are excited to announce a multi-year partnership with PGL to provide exclusive Russian-language broadcasts of premier esports events from around the globe. 

Throughout the years, PGL has become one of the leading esports tournament organisers, producing some of the most memorable tournaments on the calendar. 

Aleksandrs Zavoloks, the CEO and founder of Paragon Events, promises that there are a lot more exciting things to come. 

PGL has been the hallmark name in the esports industry, and I'm very excited to be working together in the years to come. This partnership is another big milestone for Paragon and Winline making us the leading esports content provider in the region.

Silviu Stroie, the CEO and founder of PGL, has shared his thoughts on the partnership:

"This collaboration signifies a groundbreaking step forward in esports broadcasting. By joining Paragon Events and Winline, we're extending our reach into new territories and enhancing the viewer experience. PGL is committed to delivering top-tier esports content, and with this partnership, we're excited to set new standards in the industry."

Alexander Zapolskikh, Winline Chief Marketing Officer:

"Our partnership with PGL represents a significant stride towards synergizing the competitive spirit of esports with our company's innovative ethos. Together, we aim to elevate the gaming landscape by fostering talent, creating unforgettable experiences, and pioneering new avenues for growth in the realm of esports tournaments."

PGL Wallachia Season 1 will become the first tournament that will be covered by Paragon Events in cooperation with Winline, and many others will follow shortly after.

About Paragon Events:

Paragon Events was established in 2022 and quickly became a household name, delivering top-class broadcasts and events. 

The core team is run by industry veterans who have worked on world-class events such as Dota 2 Majors, Dota 2 Pro Circuit, EPICENTER, Omega League, EPIC League, and others. 

Our broadcasting studio is based in Almaty, Kazakhstan. 

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